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Tooth Sealants

When the Dentist talks about using a tooth sealant, many people do not know what the dentist means. This article will explain what a sealant is and why it is important for teeth health in people of all ages.

Adults or kids can use sealants. The sealant is a liquid, plastic substance that hardens into a resin with the use of a blue light. The sealant will mold to any crevices or grooves in the freshly cleaned tooth and will help prevent tooth decay by blocking harmful food from entering these depressions. The Dentist can apply sealant after a routine cleaning in a matter of minutes.

This plastic sealant fills the grooves, ridges and depressions of the teeth. Once the enamel of the teeth is gone, there is nothing the dentist can do to recreate the enamel. This thin sealant protects each tooth and shields the teeth from damage. This protective sealant seals out damage from plaque and food particles.

The best candidates for tooth sealants are children and teenagers. These youngsters need to receive this sealant on their teeth as soon as their molars and premolars come in. Adults also benefit from this sealant process if their teeth are in good health. Kids are prone towards decay of the teeth from five years to almost 14-years of age.

The parent needs to assure the child that the dentist is trying to keep them from developing tooth decay by putting a painless and simple shield on their teeth. The dentist first cleans the teeth well and dries them. It is important to keep the teeth dry so the dentist may put cotton around each tooth. The dentist then applies an acid solution on the tops of the teeth to roughen the teeth and in turn, this process helps the sealant to bond to the teeth. The dentist then rinses and dries the teeth. In the last process, the dentist paints the sealant onto the enamel of the teeth. This sealant then bonds directly to the teeth and hardens in place.

The amazing process is that this one application can protect the teeth of children and adults up to 10-years. Another good thing is there are many insurance companies that cover the cost of sealants.

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