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How to Find a Board Certified In Plastic Surgery

September 25, 2020

Beware that even Board Certified in Plastic Surgery can still say without stating by which they are Board Certified: they could advertise plastic surgery as plastic surgery or perform procedures that just happen to have a board in the title without any reference to board certification at all. They may state they’re board certified in plastic surgery, but they may not have any Board in their practice, such as general surgery or OB/GYN, or in other fields, including dermatology or general medicine.

For example, you might have come across a website or physician’s advertising themselves as a doctor with a Board of Plastic Surgery. In fact, this would be one of the rare cases when they actually were a Board certified plastic surgeon in plastic surgery. This is a common mistake, however, and if a website or physician is claiming they are Board certified, it’s best to run the site or physician’s information past a board certified in plastic surgery to make sure.

If a website or physician claims to be board certified in plastic surgery, but they’re not, it’s best to run the information passed a board certified in plastic surgery. While not every physician or site will provide a comprehensive list of the surgeons who have been board certified in plastic surgery, it’s still worth checking to make sure the physician is who he says he is. If a doctor is not listed as board certified in plastic surgery in the states where they practice, you should proceed with caution.

There are also some instances when a website or physician may claim to be board certified in plastic surgery but is not actually, but the claims are false. A false claim could be due to the doctor having a previous credential for plastic surgery that was revoked and there may be no credential for the surgeon at all. Additionally, if the website or physician has no credential of its own, the credentials of the physician in question can be called into question.

It’s always good to run any claims through a Board of Certification and not just one alone. Doing so will help ensure you are doing business with a board certified physician in the medical field. Also, if a board certification is required before performing a procedure on patients, you’ll be better protected as a patient by being treated by a physician with a certification.

While you shouldn’t have to do an Internet search for a board certified in plastic surgery, it’s still worth your time to check out a website or physician’s background. It’s easier than ever to do this, because most websites offer their information online in a more easy-to-navigate format and can be found quickly and easily using your search engine of choice.