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Getting a Safe and Painless Dental Implant

dentistry 2In the entire branch of dentistry having a Dental Implant is the most difficult form of dental surgery. It is generally carried out only by an orthodontist who holds a MDS degree (Master of dental surgery).

Dental Implant is a procedure of implanting an artificial tooth into the gums. The implant is a permanent solution for teeth loss and is considered as an advanced dental cosmetic treatment. There was a time when Dental Implants were considered as an exceptionally risky procedure but today the situation has changed. Nowadays, different advanced technologies are deployed for different forms of dental treatments and orthodontic procedures. This has invariably increased the quality of treatment and has provided for guaranteed and quicker results. Nevertheless, these procedures have become highly expensive compared to the olden times. A new age Dental Implant is more durable and more secure. With the high level of success rates exhibited by this complex procedure more and more people are opting for dental implants in order to fix their missing, chipped or broken dentures.

Did You Know That Dental Procedures Can Be and Are Painless? – Painless Dentistry

Are you afraid of the dentist? Have you been procrastinating to visit the dentist because you are afraid the procedure will be painful? If this is true, there is some good news for you. Dental procedures are now completely painless – with sedation dentistry that is. You can sleep through the entire dental procedure and wake-up completely changed. You will not experience any kind of pain or discomfort during the entire procedure. So what are you waiting for? Isn’t it time you call your dentist for an appointment?
Sedation dentistry is becoming very popular today. More and more people are opting for it because it is completely painless. As the name suggests, sedation dentistry involves the use of sedatives – chemical substances that act on the central nervous system and make you sleep. Sedatives have been used in the field of dentistry since the last few decades, but their usage has come to prominence only in the recent years with the advent of better sedatives.

The type and quantity of sedatives to be used will be determined by the dentist after taking into consideration various factors such as the extent of anxiety, the type of procedure, etc. Depending on the type and quantity of sedatives given, you’ll experience anywhere from complete sleep to drowsy consciousness. However, you will not experience any anxiety or pain. Anaesthetic agents may also be given to control pain. Sedatives may be given orally, intravenously or through the nose.

In the early years, sedatives were usually administered intravenously. However, this was a problem for people who have fear of needles. Thus, oral sedatives have become available now and are very suitable in such cases. Nitrous oxide also known as the Laughing Gas is also a very good and popular option. Both oral sedatives and nitrous oxide are moderate sedatives. Stronger sedatives are almost always given intravenously.

Sedatives are very safe and can definitely make the visit to the dentist more pleasant, but certain precautions should still be taken. For instance, it is better to avoid alcoholic drinks as these can interfere with the effects of sedatives. You should also inform your dentist if you are on any prescription drugs, nutritional supplements or herbal medicines. It is possible that some of these may interfere with the effects of sedatives. Overall, sedation dentistry is very safe and is a painless way to get dental procedures done. You may need to contact your dentist to check if sedation dentistry may be feasible in your case.

Painless Fillings Are Possible With Laser

Do you dread visiting the dentist? Do you cringe when you hear that horrible high pitched sound of the drill? A lot of people don’t have regular dentist check ups because they are frightened of the pain from having fillings or other procedures. The problem here is that without regular check up and cleans your dental health only worsens, meaning you simply need more work done when you do actually go see your dentist; this means more money and more pain.dentistry 3

Did you know that you can have fillings done without a drill? This practically eliminates the pain of visiting the dentist. This has been made possible through advances in dentistry which have led to the development of a laser which replaces the drill in filling work.

When you have a regular filling, the plaque and decay is scraped away using a drill. This is what causes the pain. After it has been removed the dentist fills the gap with a suitable filling. This stops the process of decay in the tooth and reduced the chances of future damage to the tooth. In laser fillings, the laser replaces the drill and is used to cut away any part of the tooth which is damaged. Then, just as in a regular filling, the hole made in the tooth is filled by the dentist. Lasers are much more accurate than regular dentist drills. Drills sometimes can take out healthy parts of the tooth, or even cause further damage or cracks to the tooth. A laser is incredibly accurate and will only remove the parts of the tooth which are damaged.

The laser is able to focus on damaged parts of the tooth by detecting decay. These parts of the tooth have more water than normal, and the laser is able to measure this. The laser also kills bacteria, which means the healthy tooth is sterilized and protected from further decay.

The other great thing about laser fillings is that most people do not require local anaesthetic to have the procedure done. This means you don’t have to walk around unable to feel your mouth for an afternoon afterward. It also makes your recovery time faster. If you have a sensitive mouth your dentist may recommend to have the local anaesthetic anyhow.

A laser filling takes around the same amount of time as a regular filling and the procedure is done in the chair. If you need to have multiple fillings done, you will not need to book in several visits to the dentist, they can all be done on the same day. Not only does this save you time and money but also stress. There is nothing worse than anticipating your next painful visit to the dentist’s chair. For more in-depth information on laser dentistry, please visit Glamour Smiles.